Merhed An Oriant – Folk Celtic


Année : 1974
Label : Vogue
Référence : LDY 28019
Format : LP

Musiciens :
* Christine Samson : Chant
* Danielle Samson : Chant
* Rozenn : Chant
* Evelyne : Chant
* Marie Claude : Chant
* Calude : Chant
* Alain Samson : Flute (Groupe Tud An Arvour)
* Phillipe Le Gall : Guitare (Groupe Tud An Arvour)
* Michel Le Cruguel : Harmonica ( Groupe Tud An Arvour)
* Patrice Querre : Violon (Groupe Ar Vran)
* Jacky Lemeur : Flute Irlandaise (Groupe An Diougan)
* Dominique Grebert : Guitare, Banjo (Groupe An Diougan)
* Jean Yves Vaudon : Batterie, Percussion ( Groupe An Diougan).

Tracklist :
Face A :

A1. Peurkaeh Inhosant – Trad arr. Alain Samson 2.27
A2. Bannielou Lambaol – Trad arr. Robert Voisin 4.50
A3. La Rupture – Trad arr Robert Voisin 2.27
A4. E Ker Pondi – Trad arr. Robert Voisin 2.04
A5. Je Suis Venue Vous Inviter – Trad Arr. Alain Samson 3.38
A6. Eit Monet D’En Davarn – Trad Arr. Alain Samson 3.31
Face B :
B1. Chauffons Le Four Amour Trad Arr. Alain Samson 4.44
B2. Une Jolie Blonde Trad Arr. Robert Voisin 2.53
B3. Demat D’Oh Margeitig Trad Arr. Alain Samson 3.53
B4. Sonnen Merhed -Trad Arr. Alain Samson 4.02
B5. Karante E Kreiz Er Lann – Alain Samson 2.25

Originaire de Lorient, ce collectif de 6 chanteuses reprend à son compte des traditionnels chants bretons, accompagné des groupes An Diougan, Ar Vran et Tud An Arvour. Même si selon moi cela reste trop scolaire, le rendu est plutôt de bonne facture. En outre, ce disque est moins évident à dénicher que les autres albums parus sur le label Vogue.

5 thoughts on “Merhed An Oriant – Folk Celtic

  1. Well, loved this album LOTS since I was a young girl! And – I do not even speak French! Which goes to say that music goes beyond langual boundaries, music speaks to the heart no matter which country you come from. As the heart is there, the music will speak to any listeners’ soul.

  2. The album, even if it may sound like a band of schoolgirls singing, left a lasting impression on me when I was a young girl and even now it brings back the nostalgia. Just wish I knew what the singers who sung on this album did afterwards?

  3. Oh really..I am so happy this link still exists. They do not make music like this anymore.
    Young (?) ladies of Merhed an Oriant, you may still be proud of yourselves.

  4. This is SO underrated! How I enjoyed listening to these songs, you did such a good job, gallant girls! Wonder if any of these young ladies (well, young ladies back, only young by heart I think!) still are in to music or maybe have children who follow in their footsteps! Gosh, they do not make music like that anymore these days, these days it only seems this…’plastic’ music. Music without a heart and soul, music that wants to turn us into robots.

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