The Beautiful Losers – Nobody Knows the Heaven


Année : 1974
Label : Monde Melody
Référence : MM 3465
Format : LP

Face 1 :
A1 Welcome
A2 Oxford 1825 (Huckleberry Finn Son)
A3 Spanish Woman
A4 You Are Free
A5 Nobody Knows the Heaven
A6 Rendez-vous
A7 I Wonder Why You Cry Today
A8 All Is Gone
Face 2 :
B1 Like an Old General
B2 African Queen – Introduisant – Humphrey
B3 Something to Do
B4 The Shining Car
B5 Suicide (Inside Out)
B6 All Is Going So Slow
B7 Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
B8 There Is a Blow (Against Our Dear Schilo)

Musiciens :
– Patrick Arondel : guitares, chanteur, harmonium
– Christophe J : basse, background vocaux, guitare sèche
– Philippe Bensoussan : percussions

Note : 3,75/5
Rareté : très rare

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